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Deconstruction and demolition of buildings and plants

Are you planning to demolish a residential building, a hall, an office building, an industrial plant or even an entire building complex? Or would you just like to have your garden shed or garage demolished? You have come to the right address. Our company Oberndörfer & Klessa is ready and waiting!

Whether demolition, deconstruction, gutting, disassembly or pollutant clean-up - with our many years of experience, we know what it takes. We offer you individual advice on various procedures. We work in the Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper.


You would like to deconstruct one section of a building, but want to keep another section? Or are you planning to deconstruct an object built in a closed construction method? We are your experts for deconstruction in the Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper: with our expertise, we ensure that building materials and structures to be preserved are retained. With the expertise and experience of our employees as well as our modern equipment and machinery, we will ensure that building sections or parts of structures to be preserved are safely maintained.

We also undertake the gutting of your building in advance or carry out the disassembly of building parts to be preserved.


We make it possible

Modern equipment and machinery

Whether demolition with hand, small or large equipment or by controlled blasting: Our versatile and modernly equipped equipment and machinery in Düsseldorf enables us to demolish or dismantle all buildings and facilities - from small garden huts to complex industrial plants. We thoroughly separate and/or recycle the demolition materials.

The demolition and dismantling process

We carry out your deconstruction and demolition project professionally and expertly.
The procedure is as follows:

1. Request

Whether by phone, e-mail or via our contact form: Get in touch with us! You are welcome to provide relevant information such as the size of the building/installation and the time period of the execution directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange an on-site appointment if desired.

2. Inspection

We will visit you in the Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr, Wupper and the surrounding area and inspect the object in question. Our trained employees take a close look at it.

3. Offer

With the records of your demolition project, we can provide you with a personal and precisely tailored offer. We will be happy to break this down for you, we value transparency.

4. Demolition or dismantling

You still have questions? Of course we'll clarify all the details - and then you can get started. We make room for something new!

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Planning, demolition, disposal

All from a one stop service

Every project requires a detailed assessment and planning in order to find the optimal and most economical solution for you as our client. We take the time for detailed preparatory discussions and point out alternatives: Because you can only find the best solution if you know your customer.

We take over both the project planning and the execution of all necessary measures of demolition or deconstruction as well as the recycling and the disposal of the resulting demolition masses or waste. We have the specialist knowledge according to § 9 EfbV and § 5 AbfAEV for specialist disposal companies and also guarantee exclusive cooperation with certified specialist disposal companies, and thus proper disposal.

We work to protect and conserve the environment

Your property contains building materials with harmful substances such as asbestos or artificial mineral fibres (PMF). Before the final demolition or dismantling, we will of course carry out a thorough clean-up of the pollutants.

We have been multiply certified

Take advantage of our expertient knowledge

Our team is trained and certified - Always up to date for your project. We have been a member of the German Demolition Association since 1991.

Do you have any questions or would you like an individual offer for your deconstruction or demolition project in the Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr or Wupper? Do not hesitate to contact us!

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