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Pollutant clean up in the greater düsseldorf area, on the rhine, ruhr and wupper rivers

We protect the environment and your wallets

Are you planning to renovate or demolish your house or another building? However, materials that are hazardous to health, such as asbestos, are installed on or in the property. Rely on a professional in the remediation of harmful substances! We at Oberndörfer & Klessa take care of the professional removal and disposal of hazardous materials and substances in the Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper. We stand for safe execution of all necessary measures before and during the work.

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With us, you trust a certified expert in pollutant remediation who knows the requirements and procedures that are necessary for the proper and professional remediation of pollutants.

Whether before a final demolition or dismantling, as part of a gutting or a separate pollutant clean-up: we remove hazardous substances professionally and safely.

Through careful assessment, consultation, planning and a professional and conscientious selection of construction or demolition materials, you benefit from the resulting low disposal costs, and at the same time, pollution factors for the environment and surroundings can be minimised.

Pollutant clean up with the company oberndörfer & klessa

The process

This is the procedure for your pollutant clean-up:

1. Request

Whether by phone, e-mail or via our contact form: Get in touch with us! You are welcome to provide relevant information such as the size of the building/installation and the time period of the execution directly. We will get back to you as soon as possible and arrange an on-site appointment if desired.

2. Inspection

We come to you in the Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper and inspect the object to be demolished. Our trained employees take a close look at it.

3. Offer

With the exact records of your demolition, gutting or separate pollutant clean-up project, we can provide you with a personal and precisely tailored offer. We will be happy to break this down for you, we value transparency.

4. Pollutant clean up

You still have questions? Of course we will clarify all the details - and then we can get started. We remove, dismantle and properly dispose of pollutants in the greater Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper rivers.

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Competent and certified!

Take advantage of our knowledge

Our employees are trained in handling hazardous waste and have experience and corresponding certificates of expertise in the field of pollutant clean-up. All measures are in accordance with the applicable regulations, such as TRGS (Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances) 519 and TRGS 521.

In addition, we are certified for the electronic waste verification procedure (eANV). We dispose of all waste properly, always with the required waste disposal certificates. In addition, we have the expertise according to § 9 EfbV and § 5 AbfAEV for specialised waste management companies and guarantee cooperation with certified specialised waste management companies.

Building Blocks

Whether by telephone, e-mail or via our contact form: We will advise you extensively in the area of pollutant clean-up for your property in the greater Düsseldorf area, on the Rhine, Ruhr and Wupper.

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