Demolition of a house with an excavator
Successfully completed

Projects & references

In the following you will find some of our most recently completed projects:

Deconstruction and demolition of a semi detached house in düsseldorf urdenbach

Before the actual demolition of a semi-detached house in Düsseldorf-Urdenbach could begin, the semi-detached house to be demolished was first separated from the semi-detached house to be preserved by hand demolition. After this was done and the building was completely gutted, further demolition could take place using our Case WX 188 mobile excavator.

In total, more than 300 tonnes of rubble were produced. We needed two weeks for the corresponding work. After the demolition had been completed, we were also commissioned by the client to carry out the earthworks.

Gutting of a penthouse flat in neuss grimlinghausen

In Neuss-Grimlinghausen, we carried out the complete gutting of a 150 m² penthouse flat for a long-established and successful architectural firm from Neuss. Walls, ceilings, floors and all the interior were removed. In addition, the conservatory on the terrace was demolished and the entire flooring of the terrace was taken up.

The demolition masses were brought down with a Manitou telescopic loader. In sunny weather, our employees were able to enjoy the magnificent view of the Rhine running along opposite during their breaks.

Dismantling and deconstruction of the "sorcerer's apprentice" at the centro. in oberhausen

Due to a construction error on the work of art "Zauberlehrling", also known as the dancing electricity pylon, near the CentrO. shopping centre in Oberhausen, it was necessary to dismantle the entire structure for structural reasons. Before this could begin, 500 m² of steel plates were delivered and laid out by our employees to protect the ground.

With our Doosan DX 255 DLC demolition excavator, we succeeded in skilfully overturning the approx. 35 m high structure, after which the construction was dismantled, crushed and the individual parts of the structure loaded. The "sorcerer's apprentice" has since been rebuilt on site.

Dismantling of a platform roof at duisburg main station

We were commissioned to dismantle the roof structure on a platform at Duisburg main station, covering a total area of approx. 700 m². This required the erection of an elaborate scaffolding structure with a suitable scaffolding lift in advance.

Our work could only be carried out while the railway was in operation during the night shifts. During the night shifts, our team had to be extremely attentive and precise. Despite the difficult conditions, we were able to complete the work much earlier than planned by the client, much to the client's delight.

Gutting of listed apartment buildings in düsseldorf flingern north

We were commissioned by a Düsseldorf housing cooperative to carry out gutting work on four apartment buildings, some of which are listed, with a total of approx. 2,000 m² of living space on Hellweg in Düsseldorf-Flingern-Nord. The houses were comprehensively gutted from the respective basement floors to the respective third floors, with special attention being paid to the fact that the façade and individual structural parts in the building had to be preserved due to the imposed protection of historical monuments; in this respect, our employees had to proceed with particular sensitivity.

The client had planned 12 weeks of work for the measure, but we were able to successfully complete the work after less than 10 weeks.

Deconstruction of a garage in mettmann metzkausen

A garage in Mettmann-Metzkausen was attached to a residential building on one side, with neighbouring buildings on the other side and a steep slope to the rear. Due to the difficult conditions, we had to proceed with extreme care, in particular, our compact Bobcat E50 mini-excavator was used due to the tight space conditions. With this, our excavator operator was able to ideally master the demolition of the old garage within three days.

Deconstruction and demolition of an old doctors' villa at the ruhrlandklinik in essen heidhausen

In Essen-Heidhausen, in the immediate vicinity of the Ruhrland Clinic, we were commissioned by an internationally active project developer to demolish an old doctors' villa with a total of over 1,200 m³ of enclosed space. We also demolished the garage and two sheds, and removed fences and other structures on the property. Our work was successfully completed after two weeks with the help of our Doosan DX 225 LC demolition excavator. The cooperation with the client has been ongoing ever since.

Deconstruction of three balconies on a multi family house in düsseldorf oberkassel

In Düsseldorf-Oberkassel, we carried out the dismantling of three balconies on an apartment building that was in need of renovation. Since the balconies were in danger of collapsing and renovation would not have been economical, the balconies were ultimately to be completely dismantled. For this purpose, it was first necessary to erect scaffolding in the rear courtyard of the building.

However, since there was no access to the closed backyard of the building, the demolition materials had to be brought out via the basement and loaded on the busy side of the road.

Deconstruction and demolition of a former kindergarten in bonn pützchen

In Bonn-Pützchen, we were commissioned with the deconstruction of a former children's day-care centre with approx. 3,000 m³ of enclosed space. We needed four weeks for the work. First, it was necessary to dismantle the approx. 250m² of asbestos-containing eternit panels on the roof in a professional manner. After the building had been extensively gutted, our excavator operator was able to dismantle the building step by step using our Doosan DX 225 LC demolition excavator.

In dry summer weather, special attention had to be paid to avoiding dust during the demolition work due to the immediate house residents in the neighbourhood. The work was successfully completed to the satisfaction of all involved. The new day care centre has already been rebuilt 300 metres further next door.

Deconstruction and demolition of an old wooden bridge over the river boy in bottrop

A wooden footbridge in a wooded area over the course of the river Boy in Bottrop was in danger of collapsing and therefore had to be closed to the public. After thorough consideration of whether a complete renovation was worthwhile, the decision was made to demolish the bridge and build a new one.

Since the bridge, which weighed more than 50 t in total, ran over the Boy River and under several electricity pylons, our employees had to be doubly careful. In the end, we were able to successfully dismantle the bridge. A new bridge has already been designed.